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With several different album offerings it can be a bit confusing to understand the differences, so this post is to explain everything. Basically, I offer two different types of wedding albums – the Modern Album and the Fine Art Album, as well as engagement guestbooks.  Each type of album can be ordered as a bridal album or as a parent album or in any combination – maybe you want to invest in a Fine Art Album for yourself, but choose the less expensive Modern Album for your parents – great! Or you could choose the Modern Album for everyone, whatever best fits your needs and budget.

The Fine Art Album

The Fine Art Album is a completely custom designed album, available in over 75 different cover options including leather, suede, silk, linen, aluminum or an acrylic image cover.  You can further customize your album with a two-tone cover,  inset image, or imprinting.  The Fine Art Album features images printed on photographic paper and flush-mounted to thick mount board. This album is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 6×9 to 12×12.

Shown here in navy silk shantung (10×10), in plum silk brocade (10×10 with image inset), and in pearl (8×8 with image inset and spine imprinting).2015-04-08_0017
Cover materials from left to right: Acrylic image cover with black leather wrap, white leather with black imprinting, black blossom non-leather.


The Modern Album

The Modern Album is a wonderful, more affordable option.  This album comes in three choices of material: leather, linen, or silk with a total of 37 color options available. The modern album comes in a panoramic style, opening to a full two page spread, and features thin pages.  This album is available in 6×6, 8×8 or 10×10.  Cover options include image insets and name/date imprinting.

Shown here in black linen (6×6), azure leather (8×8), and mist linen (10×10).



Cover materials from left to right: Azure leather with blind (no color) name imprinting and inset image, red silk shantung with silver imprinting (all capitals and centered), black linen with blind imprinting.


I’ve included these images so you can compare the two types of albums side by side, note the difference in overall album thickness and paper thickness.



Custom guestbooks are a great way to showcase your engagement images, and are a contemporary alternative to a traditional guestbook.  Each book is custom designed with plenty of white space for your guests to sign around.  Guestbooks are press printed on thin paper  and are available in matte or pearl finish.  The cover is available in either leather or a custom image cover, comes in 8×8 and 10×10.



Album Designs

View some sample album designs here: New York Athletic Club Wedding Union Trust Wedding Stone House at Sterling Ridge Wedding


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